Young Celcius

What is the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Usually in the United States the Fahrenheit is the most commonly used, although Celsius, also know as Centigrade, is becoming more and more popular. The Celsius scale was originally developed in 1742 by the Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius, but was later improved and in 1948 it was called the Celsius scale by the ninth General Conference of Weights and Measures.

Fahrenheit was invented by Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, the man who also improved the thermometer by using mercury instead of a mixture of alcohol and water.

The temperature at which water freezes under standard conditions is 32°F and 0°C. The boiling point of water is 212°F and 100°C. Normal body temperature is 98.6°F and 37°C.

Celsius is part of the metric system of measurement. People in all major countries of the world except the U.S. us the Celsius scale for everyday temperature measurement