The Sorcerer and his Apprentice

Inside his castle, deep within the scary woods, the wizard was practicing his magic, by creating the most beautiful things! With every wave of his aging hands, beautiful butterflies and fairies would dance and sing.

In the next room, the wizard’s young apprentice was busy carrying buckets of water to fill the well. Back and forth, the apprentice carried the buckets full of water from the stone fountain, and dumping them into the old wooden well.

Magic made the wizard tired. Creating the fairies and butterflies was tiring so the wizard took off his magical hat and left the dark room to sleep for a while. The tricky little apprentice, whose name was Vincent, peaked around the stone wall and noticed the wizard was gone. So Vincent quietly made his way into the room and sat upon the wizard’s chair. Noticing the sparkling blue hat, the apprentice deviously took it from the Hickory table and plopped it upon is light brown hair. Vincent looked around the stone room and noticed a broom in the corner. He picked up the book “Wizardry for Dummies,” off the table and flipped through a few pages. With his nose buried in the old book, he spotted an incantation. He waved his hands vigorously at the broom and he chanted: “Ooga kabooga, awaken thy broom, I summon you to fill the well, alakazoom!”

Poof, the broom stood up on it’s rough bristles and grew two strong arms. The broom’s bristles split down the middle and it started to walk toward the big stone fountain. The broom picked up two buckets off of the stone floor. It dipped the two buckets deep into the fountain and then walked to the well and emptied them. Back and forth, bucket by bucket, the broom filled the well.

Vincent became tired and fell asleep in the wizards’ chair. While he was asleep he dreamed he was a very powerful wizard. After sleeping for a while, he awoke with a start, and found that he was sleeping in a pool of water. Not knowing what was happening, Vincent sat up in his drenched red cape and looked around. The room was flooded. Vincent was floating in the big chair that he fell asleep in. The broom was still dumping water into the now overflowing well. Vincent clumsily reached for the handbook. He flipped a few pages and found the incantation for reversing the spell he put upon the broom.

He recited the incantation on the page. “Whazz-a-ma-tazz, let thy spell be broken!” He quickly looked at the broom; back and forth; back and forth; the broom didn’t stop. Much to Vincent’s disappointment it continued to dump water into the overflowing well. Vincent looked around the big stone room. He quickly thought about what he should do to stop the broom. He looked in the corner of the room and saw a hatchet leaning against the tall stonewall. He swam over to it and gripped it tightly in his small hands. He cautiously swam over to the broom and sliced it into many pieces.

Vincent let go of the hatchet, huffing and puffing from his devious act. To his dismay, he looked up and saw more brooms starting to form out of each little splinter that the hatchet had sliced out of the broom. His face grew grim, for he did not know how to stop the thousands of brooms. Vincent knew he was in trouble, and he tried to think of a way to fix his bad deeds.

Vincent heard a noise and he quickly swam over to the wooden door that led out of the room and into the sleeping chambers. He put his ear to it and at first couldn’t hear anything. He waited about thirty seconds; then he was sure he could hear a faint sound. It got louder and louder. It started to sound like footsteps. Vincent bolted away from the door, and swam over to the stairs at the other side of the room and waited. Suddenly the door flew open violently and the blue cape and wise old face of the wizard appeared from behind the open door. The wizard put his hands together and pulled them apart quickly and all of the water that had flooded the room vanished. He looked around the room, waved his hands and all of the many brooms pulled together and made one broom, which fell to the stone floor.

The wizard’s gaze shifted to Vincent. Vincent took off the blue magical hat, looked at the ground and slowly walked toward the wizard. He held out the hat and the wizard snatched it from him. Vincent could tell that the wizard was upset with him. The wizard slowly lifted his arm and pointed toward the door, the door that led to the exit on the castle. Sheepishly Vincent looked up at the wizard, and the wizard nodded his head. Vincent turned around and slowly walked toward the door. He didn’t look back.

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