Welcome to our Halloween Playground!

Hi! My name is Leo and I will be your guide as you play in our Halloween playground. I am so glad you can visit with us. Just click on a subject above and I will join you there to keep you safe. If you have anything interesting to add to our playground, like a story or poem, or a chilling fact, please contact me so you can join us. But I must warn you, it is pretty spooky in here, and I suggest that you Enter at your own risk!

You can reach me at my web at

On Halloween like leaves
we scatter
Witches and goblins and
black cats chatter
Up a lawn, down a lane,
ringing bells
getting treats and
casting spells.
In Halloween moonlight
what creatures we’ll meet
Staying up late and
nibbling treats.

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Family of mother, father and daughter lying on the ground in the park with their dog and playing with it. Animal lovers. Mother, father, daughter and their dog